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Bem Viva de Corpo e Alma: uma abordagem com medicina e terapias integrativas,published by Literare Books Publishers.


A book that shares the experiences of doctors, therapists, consultants, and coaches, helping people discover the benefits of well-being, quality of life, and self-awareness.

Dr. Ingrit Rojas contributes with the chapter "Sound Healing - The Medicine of Sound." The book received recognition from the Municipal Chamber of São Paulo (OF-SGP23 n.530/2022 RDS 693/2022 granted on May 26, by President Milton Leite.)


Idealized by Paula Aliende, with editorial curation and coordination by Claudia Cardillo, the content of this book brings awareness that we are directly responsible for the reality we live in. We possess a powerful tool that can shape our reality, a tool we have yet to fully understand. Much of this potential, residing within us, depends on the consciousness we have developed throughout our existence.

Through various perspectives and insights from specialists, this work aims to address health, well-being, quality of life, self-awareness, and spirituality, validating the shared knowledge of doctors and therapists as a new path. The goal is to inspire, motivate, and engage people to discover new integrative therapies.

There is no failure or success, only experience and learning. The book emphasizes living in harmony with gratitude, love, and dreams while avoiding nurturing feelings of resentment, anger, or victimization, as various diseases are associated with these harmful emotions.

The secret to success and happiness lies in passion for one's activities, self-confidence, visualization, and technical preparedness. The latter is a natural consequence of the first two.



Aline Ceron, Ana Carolina Vaz, Betth Ripolli, Carlos Pisano, Claudia Cardillo, Dianeli Geller, Doris Barg, Fernanda Fiori, Fernando Scherer, Flávia Maklou, Francine Mendonça, Hyndiara Lorena Frota Oliveira, Igor Nunes, Ingrit Rojas, Larissa A. Bachir Polloni, Lia Paludo, Luciana Aidar Guarino, Maria Eugênia Anjos, Marlene Siqueira, Maurício Sita, Paula Aliende, Pedro Marata, Priscilla Rosa, Renata Cardillo Homem de Melo, Renata Isa Santoro, Roberto Zeballos, Sandra Epstein, Thaisa Miessa, Val Yoshida, Zaika Capita.

Click [HERE] to watch the BOOK RELEASE.

Concept and Editorial Coordination: Paula Aliende

Editorial Coordination, Curation, and Writing Mentoring: Claudia Cardillo Project by: Bem Viva de Corpo e Alma Graphic

Design: M11 Marketing and Communication

Editorial Coordination and CEO Literare Books: Mauricio Sita

Publisher: Literare Books Publishers

Preface by: Dr. Roberto Zeballos

Special Guest: Fernando Scherer – The Xuxa

EAN13: 9786559222230

ISBN: 6559222233

Pages: 240

Online and in-person BOOK RELEASE at Learning Village Space in São Paulo.

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