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Sound Therapy (or Sound Healing) is a very ancient practice, with over 40,000 years of history, present in many cultures where sound has been and continues to be used in celebrations, ceremonies, prayers, and healing practices, through the application of frequencies to calm the mind, harmonize body, mind, and spirit, seeking to restore health.

Our body, on average, is composed of 70% water, a significant conductor of vibration. Everything in our existence is vibration: the body (matter), words, thoughts, emotions, feelings, nature, the universe. Through sound, vibrations, and frequencies, we perceive, feel, communicate, and operate at physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Oncologist Mitchell Gaynor, who dedicated most of his medical practice to sound research, used to say: "We can view diseases as forms of vibrational disharmony. Just as an instrument can go out of tune, we also fall out of our natural and healthy frequencies due to the busyness of everyday life, excessive tasks and worries, lack of relaxation, and mental overstimulation. In this state of vibrational disharmony that affects our health, we may experience imbalances and discomforts such as pain, difficulty sleeping, low vitality, lack of focus, anxiety, irritability, etc.

If we accept that sound is vibration and understand that vibration touches every part of our physical being, we realize that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our body. One of the reasons sound heals on the physical level is because it deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can correct imbalances at all levels of physiological functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.

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Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is a non-invasive, low-cost, safe, and effective therapeutic technique that allows listening to therapeutic sounds and feeling the harmonic vibrations of instruments such as the Feng gong, Tibetan singing bowls, drums, kalimba, tuning fork, among others. It activates the relaxation response, reduces the detrimental effects of stress and anxiety, restores our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual harmony, strengthens our immune system, and provides a space for silence, reconnection, listening, and inner peace.

The session can be individual or in a group, which will be personalized through an initial interview (anamnesis) identifying the main goals of the session, duration, and number of sessions. The service models can be both online and in-person.

In in-person sessions, non-invasive equipment measures physiological variables (heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation), pain perception is assessed using the Analog Pain Scale (EVA), and the patient remains in a comfortable position for 40 minutes. During this time, sound massage is performed with therapeutic instruments applied under the body, providing a quality vibro-acoustic experience. At the end, recommendations and post-session follow-up will be provided.

Important: Within the online service model, vital sign measurements are not performed, and the vibro-acoustic experience of instruments under the body does not exist. Some therapeutic effects can be experienced at the cognitive level when sound is received through headphones without interruptions, but the perception is different within the online format.



will be scheduled and confirmed up to 1 (one) day before the session. Rescheduling and cancellations should be made at least 12 hours in advance.

PAYMENT: Payments can be made via bank transfer within Brazil and through PayPal for international transactions.

CONTACT: WhatsApp: +1(405)719-9050 Email:

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