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We conceive IntegraSound, a pioneering clinical approach in Sound Therapy, envisioned by Dr. Ingrit Rojas. IntegraSound combines sound therapy with a rich variety of sounds, aiming to address issues related to physical and mental health, adapting to the individual needs of each patient.

Our practice is grounded in exploring the powerful sound vibrations to promote human well-being. We have a team of highly qualified multidisciplinary professionals, including doctors, sound therapists, music therapists, and other healthcare professionals, all dedicated to providing exceptional sound experiences for those seeking a deeper connection with their health and quality of life.

Our mission is to transform lives through sound, providing a comprehensive and compassionate approach to healthcare. If you are seeking balance, well-being, and a healing journey that embraces all dimensions of your existence, join us at IntegraSound.

Sound Medicine
for Integral Well-Being

On the path of the human journey, the call of the heart is our guide.

Dra. Ingrit Rojas is a physician specialized in Integrative Medicine, whose primary focus is the doctor-patient relationship, based on essential values such as sensitive listening, trust, respect, and altruism. She understands that caring for an individual means embracing all dimensions of their existence, considering them as interconnected and essential parts of their being.

Integrative Medicine: A Holistic Embrace for Health

Integrative Medicine highlights the importance of holistic approaches in patient treatment. It emphasizes that the approach to every health issue should be multifaceted, incorporating methods from conventional medicine and embracing alternative and complementary approaches, provided they are effective, safe, and supported by scientific evidence. This integration provides personalized and compassionate care, not only for the patient but also for their family.

The Transformative Power of Sound Therapy in Medicine

Dra. Ingrit Rojas integrates several non-invasive complementary techniques into her practice, including Yoga, Ayurveda, and Sound Therapy. These approaches promote self-care on physical, mental, and spiritual levels, resulting in a significant improvement in patients' quality of life.

Sound Therapy and Medicine: A Therapeutic Alliance

The alliance between Sound Therapy and Medicine is an exciting and promising approach. This union recognizes the power of sound as a valuable therapeutic tool that can play a significant role in healthcare.

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Benefits of Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy involves the use of specific sounds, such as music, sound frequencies, and vibrations, to positively influence the body, mind, and spirit. When incorporated into medicine, it offers a wide range of benefits:

  1. Stress and Anxiety Reduction: Gentle music and harmonic vibrations can help patients relax, reducing stress and anxiety, which, in turn, can facilitate the recovery from various medical conditions.

  2. Pain Relief: Therapeutic sounds have been effective in pain relief, becoming a valuable complementary tool for patients with painful conditions.

  3. Improved Sleep: Sound Therapy contributes to improving sleep quality, allowing patients to reach deeper states of relaxation, crucial for the body's regeneration.

  4. Cognitive Stimulation: Certain sounds and rhythms can stimulate specific areas of the brain, benefiting cognition and concentration, which is particularly relevant in the treatment of neurological conditions.

  5. Boosting the Immune System: Research suggests that exposure to therapeutic sounds can strengthen the immune system, making the body more resilient to diseases.

  6. Promotion of Emotional Well-being: Music and sounds have the ability to influence emotions, promoting emotional well-being, a crucial aspect in the treatment of mental health-related conditions.


Sound Therapy can be applied in various medical areas, including cardiology, oncology, neurology, psychiatry, and physiotherapy, among others. As research continues to validate its benefits, it becomes an invaluable tool in the pursuit of comprehensive and effective treatments for a variety of medical conditions.

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