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Sound Therapy Courses: Expanding Knowledge and Experience


Schedule: We present a schedule full of innovative topics, offering enriching theoretical and practical classes, as well as opportunities for presenting works and case studies. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and interactive learning experience.

Target Audience: Our courses are aimed at a diverse audience, including integrative medicine device practitioners, mental health professionals (doctors, psychologists, therapists), integrative medicine practitioners (such as yoga and meditation teachers), occupational therapists, nurses, and anyone interested in exploring the power of sound therapy. Regardless of your background, our courses offer valuable learning opportunities.

Supporting Materials: Each course includes a carefully crafted digital handbook by our experienced instructors. After the event, the handbooks are delivered to participants via email. These supplementary materials allow you to deepen your knowledge and continue exploring the concepts and practices covered during the course.

Our sound therapy courses: They are a unique journey of learning and discovery, designed to empower individuals from all backgrounds to effectively incorporate sound into their healthcare and therapeutic practices. Join us and explore the exciting world of sound therapy as you enhance your understanding and skills in pursuit of greater well-being and balance.

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III Symposium on Restorative Techniques - Sensitivity and Trauma Awareness

Course Theme: Sensitivity and Trauma Awareness

Certification: 10 hours

Featuring Ph.D. professors and specialists

Date: January 14th and 15th

Friday: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Saturday: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (break between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM)

(Recordings and materials available for 1 year)

Agenda: Presenting unique topics, theoretical and practical classes, and showcasing works and case studies.

Audience: General public practicing integrative medicine techniques; mental health professionals (doctors, psychologists, therapists), integrative medicine practitioners (such as yoga and meditation teachers), occupational therapists, nurses.

Materials: With a digital handbook provided by each teacher, delivered via email after the event.



Marlise Brenol, PhD

Journalist, PhD in Social Communication, and professor at UNB


FRIDAY, January 14




7:00 PM - Sensitivity and information about trauma: what is it?

Miila Derzett

Special International Guests


7:15 PM - Restore with care: exclusive interview

Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD - Relax n' Renew


7:45 PM - Racial Trauma

Dominique Malebranche, PhD - Cambridge Center for Mindfulness and Compassion


8:30 PM - Mother-child relationship, Child Abuse, and Psychiatric Disorders

Dr. Edoardo Vattimo


SATURDAY, January 15


8:00 AM - Mindfulness Trauma Sensitive

Mariana Amorim


8:40 AM - Yogas and the "wanting to see" singularities

Roberto Simões, PhD


9:20 AM - Fascia, body, and trauma

Carol Lamgowski


10:00 AM - Sleep and trauma

Dr. Marcelo Campos


10:40 AM - 10 min Break


10:50 AM - Stress management programs for special communities - adaptations

Miila Derzett


11:30 AM - Relaxation and Sound Healing - research in integrative medicine - Dr. Ingrit Rojas Medina


12:10 PM - The role of Nonviolent Communication guidelines for inclusion

Juliana Maroto


12:50 PM - Roundtable discussion


1:00 PM - 1-hour Lunch Break


2:00 PM - Science of Affections - Polyvagal Theory and Emotional Processes - João Lima, PhD


3:00 PM - Kin-tsugi and restoration with gold

Cristiane Ribeiro de Andrade Junqueira


3:40 PM - 10 min Break


3:50 PM - Forgiveness and self-forgiveness: paths to redefining trauma

Gustavo Silva Araújo


4:30 PM - Psychotherapy and restoration in a mourning process, a possible support - Clinical case - Fabiana Almeida


5:10 PM - Relaxation and art - research in dramatic arts

Msd. Maria Mesquita


5:50 PM - Roundtable discussion and Closing

(*changes in the agenda may occur due to remote transmission or pandemic-related issues)

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